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August 2020

Food aid

The COVID-19 crisis, which has gripped the entire world from March 2020, also affects the population in Himalayan Pradesh. Many people there soon had no work, no income and therefore no food.

The monks of Dagpo Shedrup Ling Monastery started distributing food. The WHISE Foundation then started an action to support the monastery financially so that more people could be helped.

Thanks to various donations and the collaboration with the Wilde Ganzen, a Dutch organization aimed at combating poverty worldwide, the monastery received €10,480. With this, the monks have been able to provide food to four hundred of the poorest families in various villages around the monastery between August and November.

Another €2000 went to Mainpat where an annex of the Dagpo Shedrup Ling monastery is located. Four monks reside in a small monastery there. They will also distribute food to the poorest with the help of the local population.

Project has stopped

This project has since been stopped. The food shortage situation has improved.
Handing out also became too dangerous for the monks as coronavirus infections around the monastery have increased dramatically. The risk of an outbreak within the monastery must of course be kept as small as possible.


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