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Food aid from the Monastery

The economic effects of the crisis, on the other hand, are disastrous. In India, many people have no income at all. The food aid of the monks of the Dagpo Shedrup Ling monastery to the poorest people of the local population was a necessity. The people received rice, flour, oil and beans, among other things. It is not clear when the help will no longer be needed.

In consultation with the monks (and Rinpoche), The WHISE Foundation is looking for money to support the monks' initiative so that they can continue it as long as necessary. In recent months, the monks of Dagpo Shedrup Ling have distributed food to four hundred of the poorest families in several villages around the monastery.

At the beginning of August, the monastery received no less than € 10,480 thanks to various donations and the help of the Wilde Ganzen, a Dutch organization aimed at combating poverty worldwide. De Wilde Ganzen doubled the donations received by The WHISE Foundation. And, what's great, the donations for corona food aid keep coming in. In this way, another €2000 could be transferred to the monastery in September! The monks have adapted the way they bring food to the people, because the corona infections around the monastery are increasing considerably. They have enlisted the help of local shopkeepers who are now handling the packing and distribution of the food packages. One or two monks help with the distribution. Many thanks to the Wilde Ganzen and to all the people who helped (or still do) to do something about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic around the monastery.

Watch a short film about this food distribution here:


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