PBO status

The WHISE Foundation has an PBO status. It gives donors the opportunity to deduct their donations from tax.

Below are the annual reports of The Whise Foundation:

activity reports 

annual accounts

policy plan

Formal objective

The WHISE Foundation has two goals.

  1. working for the survival of the traditions of the monastery university Dagpo Shedrub Ling, primarily by realizing and maintaining sustainable and safe housing for the monastery university as well as for all existing and future associated institutes such as the (primary) school and the medical center and a retreat and study center to be built, with due regard for the autonomy of the monastery and with respect for the environment and the living environment;
  2. the expertise obtained in the field of sustainability will, if desired, be made available to those who benefit from it and to perform all that is related to or may be conducive to the foregoing.

The board

The WHISE Foundation consists of a board of 7 members and a patron.


mr. Lopsang Jhampel Jhampa Gyamtsog

Board members

President Mrs. PCG Hendriks

Secretary Mr. PS van Vliet

Treasurer Mrs. A. van Citters

General member Mr. JNG Oosthoek

General member Mrs. ASM Jansen-Groot

General Member Mrs. HMN Bodewes

General Member Mrs. A. Walstra


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