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  • Do you know of funds at home and abroad that we can approach for the renovation project within the themes: School, Doctor's Post and Monastery Buildings (accommodation, kitchen, temple)?
  • Do you have ideas how we can jointly raise money for the renovation project, without asking people for money directly?
  • Do you have ideas for benefit gatherings? 
  • Do you have specific knowledge or experience that could serve us well?
  • Do you perhaps know of a similar renovation project or initiative that we can contact in the context of sharing knowledge and experience?

We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions!




Many different activities have been set up by private individuals to raise money for the monastery, such as fundraising dinners, sales promotions, benefit concerts, yoga classes and mindfulness workshops.

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As a company you can also make a contribution. For example by making knowledge and manpower available or by sponsoring and donations.

For example, TU Delft and Arup (an internationally operating construction and consultancy firm) have conducted important studies for our project. 

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Our Goals

  • The realization of sustainable, safe monastic buildings that can withstand earthquakes and landslides in the Kullu Valley.
  • Tackling the environmental problem by realizing clean waste incineration, a proper sewerage system and good drainage of the site.
  • The realization of a safe school building for primary education.
  • Rebuilding the housing of the medical post. 
  • Good heating and cooling in all buildings.


And of course we follow the advice of the Rev. Dagpo Rinpochee: “Take care of the issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. Then proceed step by step with what is feasible until the desired end result is achieved.”

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