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We would like to give the monastery a sustainable future with your help. Much still needs to be done to get the buildings and grounds in order.


The WHISE Foundation does not ask for donations directly. The way we want to stimulate fundraising is to devise and implement fun campaigns together with others. View the pages for individuals and companies.

However, we notice that some people like to support us with a donation. For this reason, we would like to indicate here how this can be done.

IBAN: NL92 ABNA 0833 890 735 in the name of The WHISE Foundation, stating 'Donation'.

Personal data

We do not receive any personal data from the bank with a transfer. Your donation therefore remains more or less 'anonymous'. If you want a confirmation of the transfer, you can state your contact details in the description. We can therefore thank you for your support.

ANBI status

The Whise Foundation has ANBI recognition. You can therefore state any donations as a deductible item in your tax return under certain conditions. For more information, see the page of the tax authorities: Deduct gift

We are currently looking for knowledge, skills and networks that can help us on our way in fundraising and project management. Perhaps you can help with this?


  • Do you have ideas on how we can jointly raise money for the renovation project? Without asking people directly for money?
  • Do you know of funds at home and abroad that we can approach for the renovation project within the themes: School, Doctor's Post, and Convent Buildings (accommodation, kitchen, temple)?

Project management

  • Knowledge of extensive renovations of buildings and sites.
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations in India with regard to renovation and renovation.
  • Do you or do you know someone with knowledge of project management for renovation projects?


  • Do you perhaps know of a similar renovation project or initiative that we can contact in the context of sharing knowledge and experience?

Ideas and suggestions

We would like to hear your ideas and suggestions.


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